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New Tax Allowance for Those Letting Property

31st May 2018

A new £1,000 allowance for property and trading income came into effect during 2017/18. The allowances are of most benefit to micro-entrepreneurs, such as those with secondary incomes who, for example, let property through sites such as Airbnb and trading via e-marketplaces. The allowance can be claimed against property/trading... read more

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Pre-Nuptial Agreements

7th April 2014

Pre-Nuptial Agreements Dealing with finances, in the event of divorce, can be very difficult, involving emotions as well as finances. We find that clients are often concerned about the risk that assets they give to the next generation will be lost in whole or in part, as the divorce... read more

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Reduction in Pension Allowance

6th December 2013

Reduction in Pension Allowance The total amount of pension savings that can be accumulated tax efficiently (known as the Lifetime Allowance) is to be reduced again. The new limit will be £1.25 million, down from the current £1.5 million. This represents a drop of almost one third in just... read more

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