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What happens if you can’t find a Will?

26th May 2020

An up-to-date Will can make dealing with the administration of someone’s estate much easier after they pass away. As well as setting out any personal wishes and bequests, a Will can help, in what is already an upsetting time, prevent disagreements between family members. But what happens if this... read more

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Luxury staycations

25th May 2020

With overseas travel likely to be restricted for much of this year, luxury staycations are shaping up to be a great future getaway option. As restrictions ease it’s certainly possible to get that ‘holiday feeling’ with a more local escape. Our friends at Lightfoot Travel have shared some of... read more

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The changing climate of investing

21st May 2020

Considering the positive impact of COVID-19 can seem a little odd, but one of the most encouraging aspects has been the environmental benefits. For some time, climate change has been a growing issue for governments and corporates, especially with investors placing more emphasis on those who are adopting good... read more

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Escape to Kew

19th May 2020

Many of us turn to our gardens and parks in the summer months, and given the recent restrictions which confined us to our homes, the appeal of beautiful open spaces is more important than ever. The global pandemic has also refocused us all on the importance of initiatives which... read more

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Rise reported in UK house prices

1st May 2020

The UK property sector has enjoyed significant success recently, but how will the ongoing lockdown impact house prices in the next few months? David Pugh, our Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, takes a look at how UK property is set to perform. The latest figures for UK property prices... read more

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