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What tax changes might a UK emergency budget bring?

26th June 2020

Rumours are growing that Rishi Sunak will present an emergency budget to the House of Commons early July 2020. Given the historic contraction in the UK economy such a measure wouldn’t be surprise. But what could the Chancellor announce? Peter Webb, our International Tax Manager, explores some of the... read more

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The growing importance of ESG in investing

9th June 2020

In recent months ESG has become increasingly important to investors who are focusing on the way in which companies operate. Coronavirus has accelerated the importance of this theme, and we are seeing signs that the investment landscape has already shifted. Charlie Buxton, our Portfolio Manager, reports on these important... read more

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Planning a tax-efficient return to the UK – webinar

Global events, such as COVID-19, and personal circumstances can play a part in your decision to move back to the UK. An unexpected move can be a busy time with many factors to consider, and tax and financial planning can often be bumped down the priority list. However, any... read more

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The patterns of progress

3rd June 2020

In the last few weeks, despite the continuing pandemic, global stock markets have staged a strong comeback. So why are stocks climbing when news about the economy isn’t getting much better, and the severity of the public health crisis has barely abated? Julian Broom, Chief Investment Officer, takes a... read more

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