Webinar: How much time can I spend in the UK, without becoming UK tax resident?

If you’re a British expatriate, or spend a lot of time overseas in The Middle East, UK tax may be a topic you’re keen to keep an eye on.

The pandemic may have forced you to spend more time in the UK than you originally planned. Any unexpected or extended period of time in the UK could now accidently trigger UK tax residency, which could have a serious effect on your finances.

Our recent webinar explained how the UK tax rules might affect you in a range of situations, and what you need to be aware of. Peter Webb, our Head of Tax Advisory, explained how long you can generally spend in the UK without attracting UK tax and whether any extra allowances apply due to Covid-19.

The webinar also explored when and if ‘exceptional circumstances’ apply and what you can do if you have spent longer in the UK than allowed to for tax reasons. It also touched on whether your UK visits could affect worldwide income and gains.

Missed the webinar?

Watch the full recording here.

Webinar recording