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Proud to help our clients achieve financial freedom

As a business with a long heritage it’s no surprise that from time to time we review how we present ourselves to the world.

David Pugh, our Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, introduces our new look, and explains how it captures the essence of our core purpose – helping our clients achieve financial freedom in The Middle East.

I’m in no doubt there’s a great deal for everyone connected with The Fry Group – our team and our clients alike – to be proud of.

This is truly an exceptional business, which for well over a hundred years has delivered outstanding work looking after people’s finances and helping each achieve their goals.   So much so, that a fair few of our clients today are the children, grandchildren and even, in a couple of cases, great-grandchildren of clients from our earlier days.

And now, I’m delighted to say the way we present ourselves to the world is in keeping with the quality of the work we do and we have launched a new brand identity, together with a completely new website.

Business leaders talking about their brand identity invariably sound pretentious, so I’ll mostly leave it to speak for itself.  But I will just say that we’ve been conscious not to lose the baby along with the bathwater, and so our name remains unchanged and our “four pillars” logo, though now more stylish and smarter-looking, is still there too.

And I’ll also say the design team, led by our Global Marketing Director Caroline Underhill and the team at Westside London, have done a great job in meeting an extremely tricky brief; to blend our strong sense of tradition and heritage with an attitude that’s much more innovative, contemporary and forward-looking.  I think they’ve cracked it – but at the same time, I’m well aware it’s what you think that really counts.  If you have any comments or questions, please email me at

If you do browse our new website, I also hope you’ll get a sense of some of its more important messages. Of these, I’d say the most important is our expression of The Fry Group’s corporate purpose, which we define as being to help our clients achieve financial freedom.  As well as the words, we’ve also aimed to select images on the site which reflect this sense of freedom.

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Having said that, it’s also true to say that no photograph can capture it completely – financial freedom means such very different things to different people.  Our home page picture – a family enjoying the great outdoors – would mean a lot to my Dad, who retired aged 50 years from the South Wales Electricity Board for the freedom to spend as much time as possible with his grandchildren. It wouldn’t have meant quite as much to my Uncle John, who wanted the freedom to pack in a job that bored him to tears, and retire to his house’s large attic, where he built a multiple-prize-winning model railway layout.  Sadly, I don’t have any photographs of the railway suitable for the new website!

The point is that our first priority is to work with each  of our clients to figure out what financial freedom really means for them, and then to draw up and execute the plan that will best help them achieve it.  We take pride in hearing from clients who tell us that we do a good job in delivering on these promises; on the website, while you’re browsing, you’ll find a selection of 100% genuine, completely un-retouched client testimonials, expressing in their own words their feelings about what we do for them.

I began this article talking about pride, and I think for everyone who works at The Fry Group those client testimonials are a source of pride too.  We don’t have tangible products to show for our efforts; but we do have the thoughts and feelings of our clients, and they’re among the most important measures of our performance.