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Inspiring inclusion on International Women’s Day

This year the theme for International Women’s Day is inclusion. Kellie Plummer, our Head of People, explores why equality, diversity and inclusion matters to us and hears from some of our team about what it means to them.

International Women’s Day is a global event celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women to help accelerate equality. Over the past few years, we’ve marked this event with our own teams, understanding that when people feel included, there’s a sense of belonging, meaning and empowerment. We’re proud that we continue to promote International Women’s Day and celebrate its purpose with our global teams.

What International Women’s Day means to us

Working to create an inclusive workplace is a continual focus for us. We’ve always been keen for women to join The Fry Group and build their careers here. Inclusivity allows us to all be the best versions of ourselves, and embracing our different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences ultimately creates success – for individuals, our teams and in the service which we offer our clients. We know that when we’re inclusive, we can all thrive!

What inclusion means to our team

This year we asked some of our team to share what equity, diversity, and inclusion mean to them. Here are their honest and inspiring views:

We can’t look at equality, diversity and inclusion in isolation or just as a business initiative. We need to work towards doing right by everyone whether that be in the workplace or in society. That starts with being kind, thinking before we speak and behaving with respect. Being aware of our unconscious biases and self-reflection are integral to how we embrace diversity and ensure everyone is included.
Sara Jenkins – Business Analyst (UK)

Equality, diversity and inclusion creates a fair and inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances.  Everyone has the right to feel safe and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.
Michelle Wild – Operations Manager (UK)

Equality, diversity and inclusion is important because we can work together without fear, be comfortable in our areas of expertise, and feel valued for our work. From a corporate perspective, we have access to a bigger pool of talent for finding the best person for a job at our company.
Laychoo Wong – Office Manager (Hong Kong)

Equality, diversity and inclusion help us see the full picture. We all think differently, and it is really important to listen to others, and not to judge – we all have opinions and there is no right or wrong. I believe we need to have equality, diversity and inclusion in all walks of life.
Amanda Newell – Financial Planner (Belgium)

Equality, diversity and inclusion help us to build stronger and more effective teams, resulting in a high-performing business. It needs all our intentional efforts to create an environment that values, welcomes and includes people of all backgrounds.
Esther Ren – Operations Manager (Singapore)

This is such an important subject. Equality, diversity and inclusion fosters a society where every individual is valued, respected, and given equal opportunities regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances. By embracing these principles, we can create environments where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered, leading to greater innovation, collaboration, and social cohesion. Ultimately, it’s not just about creating a more harmonious and equitable society; it’s about realising the inherent dignity and worth of every human being.
Nisha Braganza – Operations Manager (Dubai)

Encouraging women in business

When it comes to supporting women in business, and across our teams, we’re taking steps to champion women across the world of finance, particularly as signatories of HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter. Those of us in senior roles are always keen to guide and mentor others across our business. From my perspective there are some fundamental pieces of advice which have helped steer my career, not least that confidence is key and to embrace every opportunity whether it’s part-time study, international travel or taking time to live and work in new places. Stepping outside our comfort zone empowers us all to overcome our inhibitions to be our true selves and unlock our full potential.

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