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The Value of Client Feedback

It’s important to us that every client is delighted by our service. We’ve worked with many families over generations, but we’re keen not to be complacent, and are always ready to hear how we’re doing and whether our work is making a difference to our clients. Caroline Underhill, our Global Marketing Director, explains why we invite regular client feedback.

Choosing who to work with to manage your finances is an important decision. We understand that for many people it’s a difficult process to know who to turn to, especially if you don’t have a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member. And it’s made even harder because the stakes can feel so high – from managing your investments and making sure you’re saving enough to do all the things you want to in retirement to keeping estate plans up-to-date and having someone ready to help your family with financial questions after your death.

Our clients have always been at the heart of our work. Many of our team have been with The Fry Group for a number of years, and we pride ourselves on the strong, long-term relationships which we’ve developed with our clients over many years. We’re also keen to continue delighting clients during this exciting time of change at The Fry Group as we move into the Progeny family.

As a people focused business we actively work to earn and keep trust, aiming to always exceed expectations. But with trust such an intangible concept how can we best show that it exists between us and our clients?

To best explain what we do and the difference it makes, we ask for regular feedback from each and every client. Collecting feedback is handled through a third party, helping ensure that any reviews are properly managed and validated. Simply put, we aren’t afraid to be transparent and offer anyone considering working with us a clear picture of what it’s like to be a client of The Fry Group.

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It’s important that we share this feedback openly so that it offers a truthful picture of how we treat our clients. All reviews, once independently verified, are shared directly to our website so that our clients’ voices and opinions can be used to help potential new clients. And we’re very proud to currently hold an Excellent rating.