The Fry Group Investment Service

The Fry Group Investment Service has been carefully structured to build and preserve your wealth over the long term . Our investment clients benefit from the combined talent of our experienced financial teams and the in-depth analysis carried out by our dedicated external investment researchers.

The focus of our investment planning is to build a close relationship with you and therefore improve the predictability of the returns we achieve on your behalf. Our investment approach is clear – we promise to keep the terminology simple and aim to provide complete transparency and peace of mind.

Our Core Principles

Underpinning our investment service are eight core principles:

1. Designing a portfolio tailored to your needs – to suit your financial goals and attitude to risk

2. The integrity of our advice – to enable us to research global markets to seek the best investment options for you, without bias

3. Transparency and simplicity – so you understand our investment process and strategy, what you are investing in and why

4. Keeping costs to a minimum – to avoid high costs which erode investment performance. Instead focusing on investing in assets without upfront fees and/or fees for performance

5. Spreading the risk and opportunity – to create and review a diversified portfolio for you to grow and preserve your wealth, or maintain an income

6. Advisory and discretionary management options – to enable you to choose how you work with us depending on your desired level of involvement

7. A combination of active and passive investment solutions* – to help generate better returns across a range of market conditions

8. Regularly reviewing your investments – to consider your portfolio in line with your goals, advising any changes as appropriate**

It is important to keep up to date about the factors which influence investment decisions, so we have created a series of articles on the key themes which we believe will play an increasingly important role in the year to come.

For more information about our Investment Service please contact +44 (0)1903 231545 or or get in touch with your nearest office – details of which can be found here.

*Active investing is where a fund manager makes specific investments with the goal of outperforming an investment benchmark. Passive investing is a strategy that aims to follow an investment benchmark without human input.

**This page details the available services from The Fry Group. Our Service Charter will detail the agreed level of service you will receive.

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