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The patterns of progress

3rd June 2020

In the last few weeks, despite the continuing pandemic, global stock markets have staged a strong comeback. So why are stocks climbing when news about the economy isn’t getting much better, and the severity of the public health crisis has barely abated? Julian Broom, Chief Investment Officer, takes a... read more

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The changing climate of investing

21st May 2020

Considering the positive impact of COVID-19 can seem a little odd, but one of the most encouraging aspects has been the environmental benefits. For some time, climate change has been a growing issue for governments and corporates, especially with investors placing more emphasis on those who are adopting good... read more

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Coronavirus – an investment update

20th April 2020

With several weeks of global lockdown now passed, world markets are offering some indications of how a recovery may develop. Julian Broom, our Chief Investment Officer, explores how the global economy is faring in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic. You are most likely reading this from home, perhaps... read more

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An update on currency during the coronavirus crisis

27th March 2020

During this unprecedented and uncertain time, you may have noticed that the currency markets are particularly volatile. We are conscious of the challenges facing us all and can offer support and guidance. Here are some examples of currency pairs that you may wish to watch, should you be exposed... read more

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Tricky questions to ask your financial adviser

5th February 2020

When markets are buoyant, and investment returns are as expected, it’s unusual for investors to dig deep for information when it comes to choosing a financial adviser. When markets are more challenging, there tends to be greater scrutiny of fees, practice and investment style. Julian Broom, our Chief Investment... read more

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Does award winning really matter?

7th December 2019

It’s no surprise that when looking for a firm to help with your finances, you’ll encounter a range of companies who claim to be the best in what they do. So how do you distinguish one from the other? David Pugh, our Chief Commercial Officer, explains why we feel... read more

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Pensions and divorce

4th December 2019

According to research by Age UK, up to one in three couples in the 55-70 age bracket has experienced divorce. Like marriage, divorce is a contract – but in finalising the financial settlement, pensions can often be overlooked. It’s easy to forget the value of – and joint contributions... read more

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The Fry Group recognised for Influential Advisers

2nd December 2019

The 2019 Top 100 list of Influential Advisers has been announced by International Adviser, a leading publication for the financial services sector. The annual round up profiles individuals who have made a lasting impact in the sector with a focus on driving excellence, developing new initiatives and leading by... read more

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