Bond markets

4th March 2020

Regarded as one of the safest asset classes, bonds can be a useful element in any investment portfolio. With global growth slowing, and current world events impacting on stock markets, bonds can be worthy of consideration for a short or long term investment strategy. Gary Dugan, CEO of Purple... read more

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Equity markets

2nd March 2020

Equity markets offered significant returns throughout 2019. Despite initial reservations this year, particularly in the United States, equity markets still look as if they have positive momentum. Easy monetary policy, which is likely to become even easier throughout 2020, and relatively high dividend yields are two factors that could... read more

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Coronavirus: the impact for global markets

28th February 2020

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is of great concern to us all and of course our first thoughts are with all of those affected. For us at The Fry Group, with colleagues and clients living and working in Asia, the impact of the virus on both day to day... read more

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The global economy

26th February 2020

The global economy is not growing fast enough for the comfort of policy makers in most of the major economies. It is likely that the coming years will be marked by a grand experiment when governments become more significant contributors to global growth. As a result governments and central... read more

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Where should I retire?

17th February 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions from our expatriate clients is “Where should I retire?”.  Climate, language and a low cost of living are often some of the first factors considered, but it is important to carefully think about the broader, long-term immigration and financial and tax planning... read more

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An investment outlook for 2020 and beyond

14th February 2020

In a rapidly evolving world, when it comes to investment and tax planning it is vital to understand and take account of the global factors which impact world markets. Julian Broom, our Chief Investment Officer, shares his thoughts following our 2020 Investment Series, held in a number of locations... read more

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Pride in rugby

13th February 2020

For many years The Fry Group’s Singapore team has actively supported rugby sponsoring a range of international and local events. Rugby shares many of our own values – integrity, skill, determination and an ultimate focus on the importance of the team. As a result we were delighted to learn... read more

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UK property – tax trap or good investment?

12th February 2020

With significant changes to UK property tax rules coming in April, the landscape will be very different in a few months. Julian Smith, Head of Tax, reviews the tightening of the rules and how the changes may impact on the perception that UK property is a good investment option.... read more

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