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Financial literacy in action – celebrating 15 years of Enrich

Getting to grips with any aspect of finance can feel like a complicated job, and this is particularly true for those in marginalised communities. Caroline Underhill, our Global Marketing Director & Head of CSR, looks at the work which Enrich is doing in Asia to help tackle financial literacy.

Enrich was established in 2007 to help educate and empower migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong, so that they could save, plan and budget for their future. Many of those coming to work in the region run up significant debts as a result of recruitment costs, training and uninformed financial decisions. Through a programme of weekend workshops, Enrich has supported over 50,000 people over their 15 years, to help them get to grips with debt, develop key financial skills and plan for their futures.

Last year The Fry Group took the decision to make a positive impact in some of the communities where we operate as part of a wider focus on CSR. We were thrilled to initially support Enrich by sponsoring 10 migrant domestic workers to complete the full Enrich programme. Some of the ways in which the charity has helped are captured in statements from those who have graduated from the workshops. Mary Jane Javillo, who came to Hong Kong from the Philippines seven years ago, shared:

“When I first came here, I was so inspired and motivated to achieve my dreams and goals but achieving them was not as easy as I thought. With poor knowledge in financial literacy, I’ve been drowning in debt and nearly losing hope. Fortunately, my employers introduced me to Enrich and sponsored me in the financial and empowerment education workshops. I’ve attended Enrich workshops, and learned how to save, budget, and plan for the future. It makes me more motivated, inspired, determined, organized, and have a positive outlook in life and in the future. I am now able to manage my finances well.”

A new ambassador programme

In celebrating its 15th anniversary, Enrich has embarked on a new initiative – to develop a team of ambassadors who will promote the importance of financial literacy to the migrant domestic worker community through their own peer groups, networks and migrant associations in Hong Kong.

The ambassador programme is the result of calls from many of those who Enrich has already helped, and who are now keen to share their experiences and knowledge with others. By offering specialised training Enrich aims to support those who want to spread its message further, enabling the new team of ambassadors to develop valuable additional skills including presenting, public speaking, outreach and influencing.

With financial literacy one of the key pillars of The Fry Group’s CSR commitments, we’re very proud to continue supporting Enrich with a donation that will be used to help fund the ambassador programme over the next 12 months. We look forward to helping Enrich continue their invaluable life-changing financial and empowerment education in the future.

Find out more about Enrich and the work they do here.