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Where have all the people gone?

The question above is not just a bad line from a post-apocalyptic movie, but more a query about what 2060 might actually look like. There is a lot of talk about longevity in financial planning in connection with planning retirement income, and the long-term care aspects of...

Should you defer your pension?

Deferring your pension… If you will soon become entitled to a state pension, then the big question is whether you should defer taking it, says FT columnist John Kay. Since you get a 10.4% increase in the pension for every year of deferral if you reached pension...

Is my pension safe?

The saddening news of the demise of British Home Stores (BHS), which echoes the likes of Woolworths, has left the retailers’ debt at an estimated £1.3 billion with a reported £571 million ‘hole’ in the final salary pension scheme. Pension scheme deficits are not uncommon as funding...

Pensions in 2016

Jeremy Woodley’s recent pension webinar covering the new allowances, the lifetime allowance, pension transfers and new pension access rules is now available to view here.pens