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Only 5% are Prepared for the Future

Whenever we spot a new wrinkle or grey hair, we often pause for a moment and consider how the years are rolling by. Most of us at some point will also worry about how our health might deteriorate in our later years.  In a recent study by...

Factoring Overseas Assets into Your Will

Writing a Will is the best way to decide exactly what will happen to your assets after you die. It’s important though to remember that you can determine what happens not just with your assets in the UK, but international assets too. It’s no longer unusual for...

Will Planning: Peace of Mind Before Your Holiday

Planning your Will may be the last thing on your mind as you’re packing your shorts and sun cream. However, accidents and injuries happen when we least expect them. Of course, the chances of dying or sustaining a severe injury on holiday are slim, but if you...

Have Pensions Got Interesting?

Is it me, or have pensions got interesting? In our brand new vlog, Director Jeremy Woodley discusses the current pensions world and how recent changes have increased freedom and flexibility. To view the video, please click here. To review your retirement plans, please contact us.