Writing a Will

According to data from the Institute of Financial Accountants and solicitor search engine, Prudential and Unbiased.co.uk, 59% of adults have yet to complete a Will. The information gathered suggests that the older age groups (over 55) saw a drop of 6% in Will completion compared to last year.

Those least likely to have made a Will were in the North West and London whilst the most prepared were in the North East and the South West.

Reasons given for failure to get Wills in place ranged from they were too young, they did not have enough wealth to be in need of a Will, and writing a Will had never occurred to them. Some also believed that their estate would simply pass to those to whom they wanted it to go to even if they did not complete a Will!

We would urge anyone with assets to their name to take advice with a view to completing a Will. If you have not yet put a Will in place please contact Stephen Wright on 01903 222233 or steve.wright@thefrygroup.co.uk to consider your position further.

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