One of the most frequently asked questions from our clients is “Where should I retire?”, and for many people a retirement overseas is an exciting prospect. Climate, language and low cost of living are often some of the first factors considered, but it’s important to carefully think about the broader and long-term implications including the geo-political landscape, immigration rules and some of the financial planning implications of your retirement destination.

So what should you consider when planning a retirement in another country? Our recent webinar explained what it’s important to know from a tax and practical perspective, and explored some of the most exciting retirement destinations for British expats.

Our speakers, Peter Webb, International Tax Manager at The Fry Group, and Dominic Volek, Managing Partner at Henley & Partners, discussed a number of key points to be aware of including understanding your residence and domicile status and the key tax considerations when leaving your country of residence.

They also covered some of the most popular and some less well-known global retirement destinations to consider, along with their residency and citizenship schemes. The webinar also touched on the potential tax and financial planning considerations of each jurisdiction.

If you are planning a retirement overseas, and would like to understand the tax and financial implications of a possible move, please get in touch with your nearest office.

Peter Webb, International Tax Manager

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