Wealth Planning Advice and Support

Your circumstances are unique but, having built wealth, many of us have similar aims:

  • to maintain the value of that capital
  • provide sufficient regular income on which to live
  • minimise tax
  • ensure any planning can be adapted to suit changing needs, whether over the mid or long term

Having worked hard for your capital, it makes sense to preserve it as best you can. Achieving this requires a well thought through financial plan. Your Fry adviser will work with you to evaluate your investment and asset plans and maximise the value of your savings with the aim of delivering you the returns you need.

Wilfred T Fry (PFP) Limited is an independent financial adviser and, coupled with our UK Financial Planning team’s Chartered status, is committed to the highest professional standards in all of our dealings with you.

Recent increased freedom for drawing pensions and the challenging economy both play roles in your future plans. Our specialist team will help you make sense of existing pension arrangements and explore the most suitable and effective options for you for drawing income now and in the future.

It is surely a great accolade to science and technology that we are all living longer. However, it can present a feeling of uncertainty for the future. Planning ahead is key to ensure that all the necessary financial and personal steps are in place so that long-term care options can be considered sensibly and brought into play when required.

One topic about which few differ their opinion is that of Inheritance Tax.  Our combination of tax, financial and estate planning expertise lends itself to helping to make the difference in how assets are structured and how and when it may be appropriate to pass on wealth.

It is important to keep up to date about the factors which influence investment decisions, so we have created a series of articles on the key themes which we believe will play an increasingly important role in the year to come.

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