The Fry Group is a unique business, and we are frequently asked to offer comment and opinion on a range of topics. Lee Robertson from Octo*, the community for UK financial services professionals, recently interviewed Jeremy Woodley, The Fry Group’s CEO about our long history and our approach to investment practice.

The interview touches on The Fry Group’s origins in 1898, and how we have grown over the years to now operate across multiple offices and countries. Jeremy talks about how the business has supported thousands of clients over the years to bring intergenerational financial planning to many, in what is effectively a true family office.

Jeremy discusses The Fry Group’s structure, the challenges of managing a network of advisers and paraplanners and how he is steering a successful business against the backdrop of today’s regulatory framework.

Lee and Jeremy also touch on how technology can and will be used in the future to help and support financial planning, and how investment platforms have helped both clients and advisers.

Watch Jeremy’s interview with Lee Robertson, CEO and Founder of Octo:

*Octo was set up by Lee Robertson, the multi-award-winning wealth manager who previously founded Investment Quorum. Lee is one of the advisory community’s best known and most well respected figures.

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