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Common-Law Marriage – Will my Partner Benefit?

14th February 2018

The phrase ‘common-law marriage’ tends to be a familiar one and refers to a situation in which a couple is considered married, without having formally registered their relationship. When considering estate planning though there is a misconception that if you live with someone, your assets will simply pass to your... read more

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Combining Families – Tips for Writing a New Will

9th February 2018

When most couples write a new Will they tend to leave everything to their partner, especially if they have children. This is due to the common belief that on the surviving partner’s death everything will simply be passed to the offspring. In many cases this approach works well. However,... read more

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Can a Will be Challenged?

7th December 2017

A Will is the best possible way to ensure that your assets are distributed precisely according to your wishes after you pass away. Nonetheless, there are a number of different factors which can allow for it to be challenged. The main reason is a ‘lack of testamentary capacity’ –... read more

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Acting as an Attorney

6th December 2017

The number of people making use of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) has increased enormously in recent years. In fact, according to data from a Freedom of Information request, the number of LPAs has increased threefold since 2010. This is undoubtedly a good thing; LPAs allow someone to nominate... read more

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What can Legacy Giving do for your Tax Bill?

4th December 2017

Who are you going to leave money to in your Will? Your spouse or partner is probably first in line, any children or extended members of the family may pop up here and there too. But what about charity? Thousands of people every year choose to leave a gift... read more

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Running the Risk!

6th December 2016

Writing a Will According to data from the Institute of Financial Accountants and solicitor search engine, Prudential and, 59% of adults have yet to complete a Will. The information gathered suggests that the older age groups (over 55) saw a drop of 6% in Will completion compared to... read more

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How do you safeguard your digital assets when you die?

23rd August 2016

The internet has grown significantly over the past two decades and unsurprisingly legislation has struggled to keep pace with all the challenges this creates. In the pre-internet age, it was easy for people to leave their possessions to their nearest and dearest but now, leaving digital assets has become... read more

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Creating a valid Will for your children

22nd August 2016

Whether you are sending your child to school for the first time this September, or they are going into their second, third or fourth year, most parents feel apprehensive. Doing everything to protect your child comes naturally but protection comes in many different forms. Now is the time to... read more

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Challenging a Will

17th February 2016

In theory, in England and Wales, we have complete freedom to leave all our hard-earned wealth to whoever we wish.  Regrettably however, we are as a nation becoming more litigious, and there are legal mechanisms in place to challenge Wills either on their basic validity or that the claimant... read more

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Knowing who to turn to…

31st July 2015

Landmark UK court case regarding estate planning A landmark case in the UK this week has turned the spotlight back onto estate planning, and more specifically how important it is to structure a Will so that it ensures your wishes are followed through. Making national headlines was the case... read more

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