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Key Investment Trends for 2019

27th March 2019

Understanding the global factors which impact world markets is invaluable when investment planning. Key investment trends were explored as part of our annual investment conference, held in January over five locations across the world, including sessions at the Royal Society in London and the Goodwood Hotel in West Sussex.... read more

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The UK – on its Way Out of Brexit?

16th January 2019

As expected, the House of Commons has voted against the government’s Brexit proposal. What was unexpected was the margin of defeat which has, in essence, forced the government to enter into cross-party discussions over what proposal Parliament should next vote on. In the meantime, the Labour party has proposed... read more

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The Fry Group announced Global Adviser for the second consecutive year

8th October 2018

The Fry Group has been recognised with a number of awards including the prestigious International Investment award for Global Best Practice in the Financial Advisory/Wealth Management category. The award has been designed to recognise leading wealth management firms from around the world, and joins our Global Adviser award presented... read more

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Black Gold?

22nd February 2016

Everything over the last few months seems to have been attributed to the price of oil – which has been blamed for stockmarkets, inflation, Russia causing problems and even Iran giving up enriching plutonium. So what does the future look like for the black stuff? Prices may go lower... read more

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Investing or Trading?

2nd September 2015

Markets by their very nature are always heading up or down, and when speaking with clients, we frequently touch on how, at times, the ebb and flow results in an outcome that wasn’t initially anticipated. That though is the crunch – unless you have the time to watch the... read more

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Inheritance Tax

13th August 2014

Inheritance Tax Inheritance Tax revenues have recovered this year, hitting £3.42 billion in 2013-14, the highest amount since 2007-8. The way Inheritance Tax was calculated changed in 2007, following the introduction of the Transferable Nil Rate Band – which was slanted as a tax cut. A combination of rising... read more

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The Efficient Frontier

26th June 2014

Occasionally, The Fry Group’s Chairman, Stephen Tucker, lends his thoughts on a particular area of financial planning. Below is his analysis of one such area: Let me start with an apology. Not everyone reading this will find it as interesting as others but it is a fundamental principle of... read more

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Clone Investment Firms

19th December 2013

Concerns Over Clone Investment Firms Clone investment firms are on the rise, according to new figures from the FCA. Clone firms operate by mimicking genuine companies, and employing aggressive sales tactics, including cold calling, to secure investments. Those in question effectively ‘piggyback’ on the brand and heritage of existing... read more

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