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Bear markets explained

24th March 2020

A bear market is a term that investors tend to fear more than any other. Yet here we are. In recent weeks we’ve seen a drop of more than 20% in asset prices from their recent highs. This will of course shake the confidence of many investors. During uncertain... read more

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Bond markets

4th March 2020

Regarded as one of the safest asset classes, bonds can be a useful element in any investment portfolio. With global growth slowing, and current world events impacting on stock markets, bonds can be worthy of consideration for a short or long term investment strategy. Gary Dugan, CEO of Purple... read more

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2020 – A ten year outlook

4th February 2020

A new decade offers the opportunity to review and analyse some of the global factors which impact world markets. There are a number of key themes which may have an effect on investment planning this year, as well as over the next ten years. It is clear that there... read more

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