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Are UK tax rises inevitable?

7th October 2020

The next Budget statement, originally due to be delivered by Rishi Sunak this month, has now been postponed indefinitely. However, changes in tax are a matter of “when” and not “if” especially in the face of the pandemic which has created a huge strain on the public purse. As... read more

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Updating your Will after divorce

14th July 2020

A divorce tends to prompt a review of your financial position, including updating your Will. As with every element of estate planning it’s important to consider your personal circumstances and wishes for the future. Steve Wright, our Estates Director, explores what it’s useful to be aware of when it... read more

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What happens if you can’t find a Will?

26th May 2020

An up-to-date Will can make dealing with the administration of someone’s estate much easier after they pass away. As well as setting out any personal wishes and bequests, a Will can help, in what is already an upsetting time, prevent disagreements between family members. But what happens if this... read more

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