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A tax perspective on the UK Budget

7th February 2020

With the new Government’s first UK Budget coming in March, Julian Smith, Head of Tax, explores what is likely to be featured, together with a round-up of the changes already scheduled for April 2020. With a sketchy Conservative manifesto when it came to detail, it will be interesting to... read more

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UK Tax Reform: A Breakdown

5th September 2018

April 2017 saw a barrage of UK tax rules take force, including a clamp-down on the number of years resident non-domicile status can be claimed, and harsher, more regulated treatment on selected offshore arrangements which were often used to avoid encountering Inheritance Tax (IHT). As you will see from... read more

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Common-Law Marriage – Will my Partner Benefit?

14th February 2018

The phrase ‘common-law marriage’ tends to be a familiar one and refers to a situation in which a couple is considered married, without having formally registered their relationship. When considering estate planning though there is a misconception that if you live with someone, your assets will simply pass to your... read more

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Acting as an Attorney

6th December 2017

The number of people making use of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) has increased enormously in recent years. In fact, according to data from a Freedom of Information request, the number of LPAs has increased threefold since 2010. This is undoubtedly a good thing; LPAs allow someone to nominate... read more

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Knowing who to turn to…

31st July 2015

Landmark UK court case regarding estate planning A landmark case in the UK this week has turned the spotlight back onto estate planning, and more specifically how important it is to structure a Will so that it ensures your wishes are followed through. Making national headlines was the case... read more

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End of Tax Year Checklist

13th February 2015

End of Year Tax Checklist – Make 2015 Count! What can you do before the end of the tax year to ensure that you are not missing out? Our end of tax year checklist will help you explore the steps you can take to minimise your tax liability over... read more

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General Election 2015

12th February 2015

Personal Tax and the General Election 2015 – Party Policy George Osborne will deliver his final Budget of this Parliament on 18 March 2015, but what lies next? Parliament will be dissolved on 30 March 2015, and only then will the election campaign really get underway giving us a... read more

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Estate Planning and Wills

18th December 2014

New Estate Planning and Wills – the rules New rules have come into force this Autumn, which govern how an estate is distributed for those without a valid Will in place. If you are married with children and die without a Will, the first £250,000 and the personal chattels,... read more

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Inheritance Tax

13th August 2014

Inheritance Tax Inheritance Tax revenues have recovered this year, hitting £3.42 billion in 2013-14, the highest amount since 2007-8. The way Inheritance Tax was calculated changed in 2007, following the introduction of the Transferable Nil Rate Band – which was slanted as a tax cut. A combination of rising... read more

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