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The UK Budget – 16 March 2016

17th March 2016

It seems the Chancellor often uses a headline-grabbing policy in his Budgets.  This time we have sugar tax.  The cynic might say this is a deliberate ploy to divert attention from generally disappointing news on the state of the economy.  Whilst the sugar tax will have little impact on... read more

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Accessing your Pension Fund

10th March 2016

When it comes to accessing your pension fund, there are number of rules and regulations to adhere to. These rules allow you to not just comply with taxation laws, but also ensure that you are able to withdraw funds without complication. Recently the rules surrounding taking from funds for... read more

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2 + 2 = ????

3rd March 2016

Change is afoot when it comes to pension planning. So if you are happily saving for your pension assuming that you know what your contributions are allowed to be, then be aware of the Chancellor’s latest involvement. From April 2016, if you are earning more than £110,000 you will... read more

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Probate Court Fees to Soar in England and Wales

24th February 2016

On 18th February 2016, proposals were set out to increase the charges which the Probate Court can make when processing applications for probate. Any charges are used to cover the £45m cost of the Probate Service, which the consultation proposals have classified as a service which is ‘unsustainable’ and... read more

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Black Gold?

22nd February 2016

Everything over the last few months seems to have been attributed to the price of oil – which has been blamed for stockmarkets, inflation, Russia causing problems and even Iran giving up enriching plutonium. So what does the future look like for the black stuff? Prices may go lower... read more

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Challenging a Will

17th February 2016

In theory, in England and Wales, we have complete freedom to leave all our hard-earned wealth to whoever we wish.  Regrettably however, we are as a nation becoming more litigious, and there are legal mechanisms in place to challenge Wills either on their basic validity or that the claimant... read more

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Appointing the right executor

2nd December 2015

When making a Will, you will need to appoint an executor, which could be a member of your family, a trusted friend or a professional. It is the executor’s role to make sure the instructions in your Will are carried out, and there are several responsibilities and duties to... read more

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Peace of Mind

5th November 2015

Our team of advisers recently had the pleasure of meeting with the UK’s leading support and research charity, Alzheimer’s Society UK. The charitable arm visited our Worthing office, to help raise awareness of Dementia. Our team heard about the impact of Dementia – from how it affects individuals and... read more

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Investing or Trading?

2nd September 2015

Markets by their very nature are always heading up or down, and when speaking with clients, we frequently touch on how, at times, the ebb and flow results in an outcome that wasn’t initially anticipated. That though is the crunch – unless you have the time to watch the... read more

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