Whilst we will not be around to see our ‘send off’, the traditionally conservative funeral is changing.

Have you given your funeral much thought? It is still a taboo subject but with a little thought and discussion with those to be left behind, we could make matters a whole lot easier for everyone.
A funeral certainly does not have to be a sombre event and with a bit of ‘off-the-wall’ thought your funeral could be something to remember.

Your choice of coffin does not need to be restricted to the traditional wooden style. There are strange and bizarre custom-made options available. For those who like their ballet, how about a coffin in the shape of a ballet shoe or for animal lovers others have chosen something in the shape of a Great White Shark or a Frill Neck Lizard.

For some, the image of their loved ones being taken in a hearse to their funeral is unthinkable. There are extreme examples of a motorcyclist on a Harley Davison and even a boxer in the ring.

Music at funerals is also an interesting topic and can be a very personal choice.  Interestingly, a survey for The Co-Op Funeral Service identified the following top five most popular choices:

  1. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Eric Idle/Monty Python
  2. The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)
  3. Abide With Me – Henry Francis Lyte
  4. Match of the Day theme tune
  5. My Way – Frank Sinatra

Even the Coronation Street theme tune came in at number 17.  The most popular artist was Queen with 9 songs in the top 75, whilst Elvis Presley was the most popular solo singer.

To give your families a better chance of making the right decisions, the answer is to make them aware of what you would like to happen. The easiest way to do this is to write your feelings down and hold it with your Will or include specific instructions in your Will. The following points are useful to consider:

  1. Burial or cremation
  2. Type of service
  3. Where to be buried or ashes to be scattered/interred
  4. Music
  5. Any particular readings
  6. Flowers/charitable donations
  7. Dress code

Whilst the action of writing down on paper confirms what you want at your funeral, perhaps more importantly it is one less aspect for your loved ones to worry about at a time when they will no doubt be grieving.

We are here to help. To find out how The Fry Group can support with your Estate Planning needs, please contact us.

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