Inheritance Tax is charged on your estate (usually your property, money and possessions) when you pass away.

Inheritance Tax currently stands at a staggering flat rate of 40% and can have a significant impact on your heirs. Having worked hard over the years you may find yourself in the fortunate position of owning a property, and holding both capital reserves and a portfolio of investments. After building up your estate and assets, it can be worrying to find that your beneficiaries may face a substantial Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill after your death.

Yet it is possible to reduce your exposure to IHT. In fact you can and should view it as something of a ‘voluntary’ tax as its impact can be mitigated.

This guide explores how, through forward planning, and by using relevant tax and investment solutions, it is possible to reduce Inheritance Tax, or even remove it totally.

By downloading the guide you can understand:

  • What is Inheritance Tax
  • How it is charged
  • Who Inheritance Tax affects
  • Steps to reduce it

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