Changes in your personal life or career may prompt a move back to the UK after time overseas. Before a move becomes a reality, it’s sensible to try to stay a step ahead and understand the key financial considerations which may affect you.

It’s easy to overlook financial planning in the midst of dealing with the practical and logistical elements of a move, so it makes sense to act early. Notably moving to the UK can expose you to a significant amount of tax, so it’s vital to take steps to protect yourself.

It is beneficial, both personally and financially, to plan ahead. A good financial adviser and tax specialist will be invaluable to help you navigate some of the potentially tricky tax matters.

This guide explores how, through forward planning, and by using relevant tax and investment solutions, you can return to the UK, safe in the knowledge that your financial affairs are in order.

By downloading the guide you can understand:

  • Planning your return
  • Making the most of your financial position
  • The key tax considerations
  • Other factors including property, education and banking

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