During a busy career, retirement can seem a long way off. Many people
don’t think it’s a priority to consider retirement planning until later in life,
before discovering there are limited funds set aside to support a desired
lifestyle. Planning so that you can enjoy today, whilst making sure there is
plenty saved for the future, can be a tricky balance to get right.

Funding your retirement is of greater importance now that life expectancy rates are much higher. Enjoying an active retirement, for a number of years, is now a reality for many people, and something to look forward to. The most important element when planning is to ensure that your wealth sources enable you to enjoy your chosen lifestyle during retirement. It’s vital to plan ahead to create a secure income, with some flexibility.

Retiring is a significant life change, especially following a successful career. It can be exciting and worrying in equal measure but planning ahead will help you to consider all the aspects so that you can make the most of this stage of your life, and enjoy the financial freedom it can offer.

This guide explores what it’s important to consider when planning your retirement.

By downloading the guide you can understand:

  • Why you should prioritise retirement planning
  • How much you need to save to fund your chosen retirement
  • What to consider if planning a retirement overseas
  • The pension options available

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