In creating a robust investment strategy it’s important to keep up-to-date about what’s happening on both the global stage and in more specific areas.

Our downloadable outlook articles provide a review of the major trends seen in 2018 and consider the key investment themes we believe will play an increasingly important role in the year to come. The articles offer insight and analysis in ten key areas.

To access any of the reports, please click on any of the links below:

Review of 2018

A look at how world markets have fared across interest rates, asset classes and currencies.

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Global Economy 2019

Is the global economy rolling over or re-accelerating? Judging by the way that 2018 ended, 2019 is going to prove a challenging year for the global economy. Many of the previous drivers of global growth appear to be on the wane.

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Asia Outlook

Look past the trade disputes and there’s growth in Asia. Sino-US trade relations will dominate Asian markets in 2019 but much of the political friction is hopefully behind us.

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A succinct review of the best opportunities in 2019, and where real growth can be seen.

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2018 ended the year with financial markets’ risk very elevated. Yet the sentiment is that things might be worse but are more normal.

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UK Brexit

How bad do the experts believe Brexit will be for the UK economy and what might its impact be on the financial markets?

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Gold is one of the oldest asset classes used in the wealth planning. As a recognised store of value, it was the asset, and in our view has a role to play particularly when the global economy faces some challenging times.

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Complexity of oil

The oil market always could deliver surprises, but its complexity has stepped up with the wane of OPEC’s power, and the increasing scale of US production. It’s likely prices will keep at their recent lows during the months to come.

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There is no sign that the populist movement is easing off, and populism is manifestly affecting asset markets. In investment terms it is important to make judgements about its pace and how it will morph.

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Real Estate

Real estate has been an asset class of choice for investors the world over with many people preferring to own property rather than rent. But it’s important to be aware of the impact of wealth taxes and climate change.

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