In creating a robust investment strategy it’s important to keep up-to-date about what’s happening on both the global stage and in more specific areas.

Our downloadable outlook articles consider the key investment themes and areas we believe will play an important role in the year to come. The articles offer insight and analysis across a number of key topics.

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A world in transition

The world is coming to terms with several factors that are significantly altering the outlook for the global economy, and the world we live in. How the world adapts to these challenges could have significant implications for financial markets in 2020 and beyond.

Global economy

The global economy is not growing fast enough for the comfort of policymakers in most of the major economies. So will governments become more significant contributors to global growth?

Three elements of European integration that matter to markets

An analysis of three specific areas which may play a role in determining the capacity for, and potential success of, further Eurozone integration in the next decade.


A focus on the outlook for the Asian economy, where the new decade starts with optimism.

Global interest rates in 2020

In a sluggish growth environment there is scope for policy rates to drift lower. Without a growth spurt and inflation to accompany, long rates will have little impetus to rise. A supply surge won’t push yields higher either, if the Central Bank remains the buyers of last resort.

The credit story in 2020

There is still ample opportunity to generate income streams of acceptable quality in global credit markets.

Developed equity markets

Despite market reservations about the valuation of equities, particularly in the United States, global equity markets still look as if they have positive momentum.


Is this the UK’s moment? UK equities are begging to be bought. The equity market sits at a near thirty-year low relative to the global index, and the potential return for a foreign investor is potentially enhanced by a further rally in Sterling.


Indian assets have the scope to deliver double-digit returns, but at the start of 2020, it may be wise for equity investors to be patient and wait for some absolute weakness to add to holdings. Fixed-income investors can be bolder with the Central Bank likely to provide further cuts in interest rates over the course of 2020.


Singapore’s trade sensitive economy has been hard hit by global trade tensions. Yet is there cause for optimism for the city state’s economy and markets in 2020?

Currency comment

The US Dollar is set for a period of consolidation as growth moderates in the US and interest rates remain low or decrease even further. However, it does not mean that due to more specific factors other currencies will be equally docile.

Precious metals

The allure of gold has both fascinated and captivated humanity for eons. Given the current unparalleled challenges faced by the global financial system, precious metals deserve the same focus and close attention.

Real estate

With the growing list of cash deposits and government and corporate bonds that offer negative yields, investors are looking into every corner of the investment universe for income. Real estate is an obvious asset class for income seekers.

Active vs passive

It is questionable whether investors are paying close enough attention to the nuances of active vs passive management when it comes to investing. 2019 continued the trend where even asset classes favourable towards active management, such as emerging markets, were biased to passive funds than active. In a low return world, investors should leave nothing on the table.

Defining the 2020s

As a new decade begins, it is useful to consider and analyse some of the potential evolutionary changes ahead.


A review of the factors which could impact global markets including economic, climate change and geopolitical considerations.

Our series of short videos provide an overview of some of the key investment trends for 2020.

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