At our recent Annual Investment Conference Gary Dugan, CEO of Purple Asset Management, explored some key themes which might have an impact on investment planning in 2019 and beyond.

The following short videos offer some insight into some key investment trends.


2018 Risers and Fallers

A review of investment performance in 2018 by asset class

Inflation Expectations

A look at inflation expectations for the next five years and implications for investments

Poor Distribution of Wealth

An analysis of President Trump’s impact on the distribution of wealth in the US

Portfolio Construction

A look at what to consider when constructing an investment portfolio in 2019 and beyond

Searching for Long-Term Trends

An analysis of the long-term trends impacting investment decisions

The Brexit Effect

A review of the factors which have led to Brexit in the UK and the impact on world markets

Trade Wars

The impact of trade wars on global growth

Wealth Taxes

A prediction about wealth taxes and why they may become more common in the future

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