At our 2020 Annual Investment Series Gary Dugan, CEO of Purple Asset Management, explored some key themes which may impact on investment planning this year and beyond.

The following short videos offer insight into some of these key investment trends.

2020 – A Ten Year Outlook
An overview of what to expect when it comes to world market performance and financial trends over the coming decade.

The Global Economy
A look at how the economy is faring around the globe, including the role of governments, central banks, interest rates and inflation.

Bond Markets
A review of the opportunities available if you are considering bonds as part of an investment portfolio.

ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance
An overview of the role of ESG in your investment strategy, which has shown exponential growth and will continue to become more relevant to both companies and investors.

Equity Markets
An analysis of whether equity markets can deliver good returns in 2020, following their significant success in 2019.

Our library of Investment Outlook articles provide a more detailed overview of some of the key trends for global markets in 2020 and beyond.

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