George Howard, Chartered Financial Planner, recently joined our Dubai office. As one of only a few female financial advisers in the region she explains her background and how she came to be at The Fry Group.

Where did you grow up?
I’m a home counties girl and was brought up in Chorleywood in Hertfordshire.

How did you find your way into a career in finance?
It might sound a little silly, but as a small child I was always interested in money and finance. I even used to play with my mum’s cheque books!

Can you share a potted career history…
I worked at Lloyds for 24 years, starting as a cashier before qualifying as an adviser in 1993. My first role, as an adviser, was in the Law Courts Branch on The Strand working with barristers, solicitors and QC’s – not the easiest of audiences! I moved to Lloyds Private Banking in Mayfair and became an IFA in January 2001, staying for ten years. After being headhunted I worked for Barclays Wealth and UBS, before moving to Close Brothers Asset Management, where I grew a client base looking after £95m of assets. In 2019, my husband set up a gym in Dubai and we relocated here with our two black Labradors.

What do you think sets The Fry Group apart?
The company is very professional and ethically minded with an absolute focus on doing the right thing for the client. It’s an amazing team of people to work with.

What does a typical day look like?
I usually get up at 6am to feed and walk the dogs. A few times a week I enjoy a run before heading to work. My commute is now just 30 minutes in the car; so much more appealing than squashing onto a packed commuter train! My first job is to catch up with emails, but the majority of my day is client facing, usually a combination of calls and face-to-face meetings. I try to be home for the dogs at 6pm, before cooking dinner.

What do you miss about the UK?
At the moment there genuinely is nothing I miss – and with digital technology and video calling I don’t really feel like I’m that far away. After a flying visit to the UK recently I can safely say I don’t miss the cold!

And what are you most enjoying now you are living in Dubai?
The weather – it’s sunny pretty much every day. It’s also great to be back full time with my husband after some time away from one another last year whilst he was establishing his new venture.

If you weren’t in financial planning, what other career path appeals?
I’d probably be a vet – I love animals. I wouldn’t be without our two dogs – Mylo is 12 and a typical short-legged handsome black lab and Mr Pink is 6. His name came from the fact that he was born in a litter of eight puppies which all looked exactly the same. The breeders painted their tails with nail vanish and his was pink! If you have ever seen the film Reservoir Dogs…

George has joined our growing team in the Middle East, which has recently enjoyed significant success, having been awarded Best Adviser Firm – Middle East at the International Adviser Awards. This recognition, and George’s appointment, demonstrate our commitment to our clients in the region and our focus on continuing to deliver an exceptional service and first-class advice.

David Pugh, Chief Commercial Officer

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