Introducing our new Inheritance Tax Guide. In 2015-2016 over £4.7 billion was paid to the UK Government in Inheritance Tax (IHT) revenues. Prior planning and preparation can significantly reduce the amount you pay. We have created an easy-to-follow guide to help you understand and reduce Inheritance Tax, and help protect the money and assets which you have worked hard for.

What’s in the guide?

In our updated Inheritance Tax Guide, which takes in to account the new property Nil Rate Band and changes to domicile rules, we have explored all the key elements that influence IHT. We have then created a range of tailored flowcharts to help you decide on planning solutions that will work for you.

Once you know which solution best fits your situation you can read our in-depth guide for each plan. From gifting capital and life assurance to income gifts and business relief, we can help you understand the best steps to take.

In the Guide, you’ll also find an Estate Value Calculator. This helps you estimate the value of your estate and make a more complete decision.

You can download our Inheritance Tax Guide here.

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