If you own a UK property, or have a UK domicile, you are likely to need a UK Will. A Will involves much more than simply choosing who to give your money to, and, if properly set up, has the ability to provide significant peace of mind to your loved ones at a difficult time.

So what should you consider when drafting or updating one? Our recent webinar explained why a Will is so important, and covered what you need to consider when setting out your wishes.

Our speaker, Steve Wright, Estates Director at The Fry Group, discussed a range of key considerations including where you should have a Will and what could happen if you don’t have one in place. Steve also discussed what you need to bear in mind when setting up your Will and what to include in it. He also covered the main advantages and disadvantages of Wills in different jurisdictions. The webinar also touched on the importance of choosing a suitable Executor, who will act to carry out your wishes when the time comes.

The information in this webinar aims to provide information, however, this is not intended to form professional advice nor should it be relied upon as such and before taking any particular action, specific and personal advice should be obtained.

If you have a UK Will and need to check that all is in order, or you need to set one up, please get in touch with your nearest office.

Steve Wright, Estates Director

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