DFM Regulatory Disclosure

This statement is directed at clients that use a discretionary fund management service to manage all or part of their investment portfolios.   As you will be aware financial markets have taken a downturn in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic and some of you will have received letters informing you of the general losses incurred to date.   

In light of this, The Fry Group would like to make it clear that our message in relation to any as yet unrealised losses is to remain calm and focus on the long-term nature of the investment in relation to your stated personal goals.   Our aim is to ensure that losses are not consolidated and that you can enjoy the results of the eventual recovery. 

If you would like to view the current value of your portfolio please go to The Fry Group Wealth Platform client portal – access to which can be found on this website under “Client Portal”.   If you currently don’t have an account set up in the client portal please contact your financial planner who will be happy to assist. 

Additionally if you would like to read more about market conditions and issues in the current climate please go to the News section of this website. 

Of course if you have any concerns about market falls or the value of your portfolio please contact your financial planner.  We are here to support you so please feel free to get in touch. 

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