Are expats waving goodbye to their overseas lives?

Over the past few months, there have been growing reports about the number of expatriates returning to the UK, as a direct result of the pandemic.

Stuart McCulloch, our Market Head Middle East, considers the changing landscape for Britons living overseas.

Despite many years overseas, some expatriates are calling time on their life abroad. The core issue driving the decision is of course the impact of the global pandemic, which has prompted many to re-evaluate their priorities. In some areas other local pressures, including the cost of living and high price of medical care and schooling, are having an effect too. The other factor is that, for some regions, the lack of opportunities for citizenship or permanent residency mean there is little support when times are tough. The result is that some expatriates are making the decision to return to the UK where there may be family ties and more financial support available, not least free health care and education.


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