Aidan Bailey –
International Director
The Fry Group

‘Do be aware that you will need to live as simply as possible for a few weeks. Prior to our move from Singapore to the UK we had to pack all of our possessions up, and have them transported by boat – which took over 3 weeks!

David Goodman –
UK Manager, The Fry Group

‘People joke about the UK weather but we found that some of the furniture we purchased overseas does not tolerate a UK climate and our Indonesian furniture cracked in our centrally heated UK house!’

Kevin Coppard –
Financial Planner, The Fry Group

‘We found it was vital to use a team of international movers, who carried the right insurance for the transportation of our possessions. They came in, packed everything up, and a few weeks later, unpacked everything in the UK. We could not have moved without them!’

Tim Rainsford –
International Manager,
The Fry Group

‘My wife chose to return to the UK a few weeks before I did. She began the process of arranging for our children to be registered at school, and found us a rented house for the short-term. This helped enormously when I returned to the UK. Rather than both starting from scratch we had a base from which to re-establish ourselves in the UK.’