A new decade offers the opportunity to review and analyse some of the global factors which impact world markets. There are a number of key themes which may have an effect on investment planning this year, as well as over the next ten years. It is clear that there are profound changes on the horizon, which will have a significant effect on financial markets.

Following our recent Investment Series Gary Dugan, CEO of Purple Asset Management, offers a short overview of what to expect when it comes to world market performance and financial trends over the next decade.

Gary’s analysis tackles a range of key themes including the future of cash and the growth of non-cash programmes around the world along with the impact of negative interest rates, the role of central banks and the subsequent effect on savings. Other areas of focus include the concept of education, and the importance of learning and re-learning as the global job market metamorphises and different skill sets are needed. He also touches on how we are experiencing an altered world, where climate change presents a very real issue, and how governments, companies and individuals will be forced to adapt.

As a result of these factors, there is significant change in the outlook for the global economy, and the world we live in. How the world adapts to these challenges could have significant implications for financial markets in 2020 and beyond. The world is in transition and, in short, doesn’t know yet where it’s going to arrive. For a more detailed overview of this topic please visit our Investment Library.

In facing the reality of a world in transition we continue to encourage investors to ensure their financial planning investment strategy is aligned with the risk they can tolerate.

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Julian Broom, Chief Investment Officer

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