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Harmonising European Succession Law

16th June 2015

New EU Succession Regulations come into force on 17 August 2015 with the intention of harmonising the differing, and sometimes conflicting, laws of the EU countries in relation to the succession of assets. The regulations have been established to make things less complicated, but it remains to be seen... read more

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Tax form mislead – HMRC apologises

15th June 2015

Following the recent pension regulation changes in April 2015, HMRC has introduced a new tax form which aims to simplify the process of reclaiming any overpaid tax. According to recent reports, rather than helping pension savers reclaim 30 day refunds on any overpaid tax (provided that they had accessed... read more

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Inflation negative – it’s in the maths

1st June 2015

Headline news at the moment is that inflation is negative for the first time since 1960 It’s useful to put this into context – it is the case that inflation is negative but only because of the way the calculation works. Inflation used to be calculated by using the... read more

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