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Changes to Intestacy Law

3rd October 2014

Recent changes to Intestacy Law are as follows: New legislation came into force on 1st October 2014 concerning how an estate in the UK is handled if someone dies without a will. The new Intestacy law will mean the entire estate is passed to the spouse or civil partner... read more

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Digital Assets – Access Denied

2nd October 2014

You might think that dealing with an estate is a relatively straightforward matter, and in certain circumstances this can be the case. As executors we ‘stand in the shoes’ of the deceased and are charged under the Will with the responsibility of distributing the estate assets and resolving any... read more

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Pensions Tax Abolished

1st October 2014

Pensions Tax Abolished The 55 per cent pensions tax charge, levied on pension funds passed on after death is to be abolished, following a statement by George Osborne on 29th September 2014. The change will take effect from the beginning of the new tax year in April 2015. Currently,... read more

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