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The Fry Group provides tax-led financial advice in the UK and overseas. We build strong, long-term
relationships with our clients based upon trust and transparency. We are proud of what we do and we are proud of the way we do it.

Finances are personal and you will have your own priorities and aspirations. You may want assurance that your investments are working hard and you are not paying any more tax than you should. You may want reassurance that your family will be properly provided for in the future.

Whatever your priorities and aspirations, you need a team of experts who understand your personal situation and can suggest the right course of action.


Tax, and paying no more tax than you should, is a key consideration for all of us. There are various options for reducing your UK tax burden and the skill is in knowing when and how to use the various allowances available – something which our teams are well versed in.


Having worked hard for your capital, it makes sense to protect it as best as you can. Over the years we have helped thousands of individuals make the right decisions when it comes to preserving their capital and maintaining a desired standard of living throughout the retirement years.


Emotions can run high when considering and planning your estate and there is a fine line between worrying about doing the right thing and finding peace of mind. We can help you do both by setting up a tax-efficient UK Will, properly structuring trusts and estates and putting into place any documentation needed to ensure that your wishes will be properly fulfilled throughout your life and beyond.

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