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Running the Risk!

6th December 2016

According to data from the Institute of Financial Accountants and solicitor search engine, Prudential and, 59% of adults have yet to complete a Will. The information gathered suggests that the older age groups (over 55) saw a drop of 6% in Will completion compared to last year. Those... read more

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Probate Fraud – Money, Misuse and Manipulation

1st December 2016

In a situation as sensitive as probate, committing fraud may seem almost incomprehensible.  This does not, however, mean that it does not occur, with some individuals abandoning any consideration for the bereaved and committing fraud in regards to the assets of the deceased. By taking advantage of the dead... read more

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Old Heads on Young Shoulders

9th November 2016

Thinking about Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPAs) is not just something older people need to do – everyone should consider writing them. To put it simply, writing a Will and an LPA is not top of anyone’s to do list – it is not even at the bottom.  But... read more

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Shining a spotlight on a Lasting Power of Attorney                                                                              

23rd August 2016

The need for people to have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is growing each year. In June, world champion Formula One driver Sir Jackie Stewart announced that his wife Lady Helen Stewart is suffering from dementia. Whilst he believes it is too late to help Lady Helen, he... read more

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Creating a valid Will for your children

22nd August 2016

Whether you are sending your child to school for the first time this September, or they are going into their second, third or fourth year, most parents feel apprehensive. Doing everything to protect your child comes naturally but protection comes in many different forms. Now is the time to... read more

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Challenging a Will

17th February 2016

In theory, in England and Wales, we have complete freedom to leave all our hard-earned wealth to whoever we wish.  Regrettably however, we are as a nation becoming more litigious, and there are legal mechanisms in place to challenge Wills either on their basic validity or that the claimant... read more

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